The Moody Sisters


March 29, 2024

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Harriet Moody, 1992 (photo courtesy of Montecito Association History Committee).

Harriet Moody is a renowned figure in Montecito’s architectural world. Her designs seamlessly complement the community’s identity and are celebrated for their visionary approach, excellence, and commitment to sustainability.

Harriet was the eldest of five siblings, and from a young age, she demonstrated a natural flair for creativity and problem-solving. Throughout the 1930s, Moody built quaint storybook cottages, which were affordable during the Great Depression. Her fascination with architecture led her to pursue a degree in the field, where she honed her skills and cultivated her unique design sensibilities. Upon graduating, she set her sights on Montecito, drawn by its rich history and the opportunity to make her mark on its landscape.

Some of her most notable collaborations were with her sisters, specifically Mildred, with whom she embarked on a series of ambitious projects.

Montecito Valley listing and Moody Sisters home, 1564 Ramona Lane.

With boundless creativity and a keen eye for detail, Harriet decided to redefine luxury living in Montecito. Her architectural designs blended timeless elegance with modern amenities, creating residences that were not just homes but expressions of artistry and sophistication.

Mildred Moody, Harriet’s sister, shares her passion for architecture and design, with a focus on interior design and decor. Her designs draw inspiration from the natural surroundings of Montecito, incorporating elements of earthy elegance and understated luxury. Mildred’s keen attention to detail has earned her a loyal clientele, including celebrities, business leaders, and discerning homeowners. Interestingly, their sister, Brenda Moody, acted as an escrow or real estate agent, and another sister, Wilma, provided banking services, making it a completely packaged deal.
As fellow artists, the Moody sisters shared a bond beyond architecture. They shared a passion for design and a desire to create fairytale environments. Together, their ambitious projects showcased their collective talents and reinforced their reputation as pioneers in the field.

Montecito Valley listing and Moody Sisters home, 1564 Ramona Lane.

Moody’s influence extends beyond Montecito, with her designs inspiring architects and designers worldwide. Her commitment to excellence and innovation is a guiding light for the next generation of architectural talent, shaping the profession’s future.

In Montecito, more than three dozen homes have been built by Moody, with 16 remaining today. Her architecture leaves an indelible mark, enriching lives, elevating communities, and honoring the beauty of the natural world.

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